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CAD, layers and cross sections

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I have an inherited a GMS modflow model where properties of soils are defined as layers (not as solids). Each layer has several different zones (areas) with different soil characteristics, such as hydraulic conductivity. My client need few different types of outputs. Would you please let me know if they are possible? The required outputs are as follows.

1. Cross section (other than front and side views) showing layers only (not all model grids) and preferably color each zone of different soil types within each layer with different colors.

2. Can the output in 1 be exported to AutoCAD or ArcGIS in 3D?

3. Can the capture zone of each layer due to extraction well be separately output as shapefiles or AutoCAD in 3D?

4. Can the layer elevations be shown in front and side views?

Thank you very much and I appreciate your responses and suggestions.



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