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just HEC-1 has weighting precipitation gage

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Hello everybody,

I am a newcomer to the WMS family. These are my first questions:

 1) Why  HEC -1 & GSSHA  have weighting gauge rainfall, but other hydrological models do not have such an option

2) when we add precipitation gauges to our model in order to create Thiessen polygons, we can only enter a single storm depth while we can have more than one gauge in our model with different storm depths. How can we add each relative storm depth for its gauge?

Best Regards,

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HMS also has an option to define weighted gage rainfall, and WMS helps build HMS models also.

When you define your gages for a basin, you define gage weights for that basin.  Each gage has a total rainfall.  The total basin rainfall is determined from each gage's rainfall value and the weights for the basin.  You should have at least one gage with a distribution.

Hope this helps,


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