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There is a 3D Grid with Modflow. The three layers are flat. The Top Elevation is 600m. When I change any cell elevation from 600m to 800m , the cell faces are not the same at corner and at midlle. Also, the  shapes of the cells  are not the same in Ortho Model  and not in Ortho Model.


Change the cell elevation from 600m to 800m.




Not in Ortho Mode. The three elevations are not the same.


In Ortho Mode, in the midlle cell ,the elevation in the  top point is 800m. The lower point  is 650m. I donn't  know why.


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I believe, it is just due to interpolation from cell center points to gridlines intersection. It should not affect the solution for MODFLOW. Its just a matter of how GMS displays the data.

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