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Sean Czarniecki

Potential Bug in CLN Well pkg?

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I had a transient model set up where each of my well flows were going to be the same for each stress period, so I checked the "Use previous" box in the CLN Well Package dialog.  When I got my model results, the first stress period had the correct total flow in the output file, but all the other stress periods only showed the flow from the first well.  I tested things further by unchecking the "Use previous" box for other stress periods.  The correct total flow was shown for those stress periods.  I am now running with all stress periods not having the "Use previous" box checked.   Just an FYI.  This is GMS 10.2.5 build date of May 17, 2017.

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We have found and fixed a bug in GMS related to this. There is also a bug in MODFLOW-USG that Sorab Panday and Chris Langevin are looking to fix. We will give an update when MODFLOW-USG is fixed.

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