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How to delete portion of nodestring when delete boundary elements

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Dear Experts,

I am relative new to SMS. I have generated a ADCIRC mesh and need to delete several land boundary elements.  I was able to delete  elements and associate mesh nodes on land. However the nodestring still there. Is there a way to break the nodestring and delete the potion along with the deleted elements? Attached figure shows a simplified diagram. Thank you!


Liujuan (Rachel) Tang



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You could use the split nodestring command. This option is found in the "Nodestring" menu and is usually dimmed and unavailable for use. To un-dim this command and use it, use the select node tool and select the node along the nodestring where you would like to split the nodestring (so in your image above, this might be node 1). With a node selected, you can then choose Nodestring | Split and the nodestring will be split at the node. Of the two resulting nodestrings you can delete the one that you no longer wish to have.

I tested this on one particular nodestring and it preserved the nodestring inputs within both of the resulting nodestrings.

A similar command is the Merge nodestrings command which is available when two nodestrings are multi-selected.

I hope this helps.


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