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Automated HEC-HMS Data Entry

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I'm having trouble with entering large quantities of data into HEC-HMS while avoiding copy+paste errors. I am currently using HEC-DSSVue, which allows me to enter data for multiple subbasins at a time. Unfortunately, I still have to enter data separately for each month.

I was looking in to making my own DSS files, or using a code to go in and directly edit my DSS files, but I'm still having trouble figuring it out. Does anyone have any tips, or their own method for entering a lot of HEC-HMS data at once (without introducing many opportunities for human error)?

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This is kind of a difficult question.  It's been a long time since I've worked specifically on DSS files.  HEC-DSSVue is the most comprehensive tool out there for viewing and editing DSS files.  It seems like there is an import from text file (.csv) function that would allow you to convert several months of data to a DSS file using DSSVue.

If there is not, you might have to either copy/paste the data manually as you are doing or write a program using VB or some other programming language to convert the data using one of the heclib DLL's.  You can find some limited information about the heclib DLL's by searching on the internet.  One version of the heclib DLL's (heclib50.dll) is included with the WMS download.  We use the heclib DLL for writing DSS files for HMS models from WMS.  I can answer specific questions about programming for the heclib DLL if you are not able to find a solution with HEC-DSSVue.  My guess is that HEC-DSSVue should be flexible enough for you do what you need to do however.


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