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lake bathymetry problem

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hello, i have one more problem (asking for a colleague)

we are trying to create a simple steady state and transient simulation of an area with a lake present. we have interpolated the lake bathymetry to a tin, however the model always ends in an error. without the lake boundary condition the simulation runs fine. are there specific instructions how to set up the lake bathymetry? should we use elevations above sea level or relative? thanks


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Hello Petrdusek,

We at Aquaveo Technical Support can help with this issue. If you have followed the instructions for adding a TIN to the lake bathmetry from the LAK Package tutorial it should be outputting the elevations correctly. In our XMS Wiki page on the LAK Package it mentions using the Adjust Cell Elev. tool can cause instabilities in a model, if you have done this you can correct it by re-interpolating your top and bottom elevations. If neither of these are the cause, please email us (support@aquaveo.com) and we would be happy to send you a link where you can upload your files and then we can take a look at what is going on.



Aquaveo Technical Support
(801) 691-5530

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