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Lakes and HEC-HMS

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I mapped lakes polygons over the Drainage coverage, and set the polygon attributes to Lakes, and saved the project as HEC-HMS. The lakes didn't appear on the HEC-HMS project, how to fix that to?

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I do not recommend using the "lake" polygon attribute in the drainage coverage.  If you need to define a lake, just define a basin as you normally would (the basin would include the lake, but the lake would not be represented by a polygon or arcs in your watershed) and then convert the basin's outlet point to a "reservoir" type by going to the hydrologic modeling module, right-clicking on the outlet, and then select Add | Reservoir.  Then define your HMS reservoir data in the HMS Properties dialog.  There are several ways of defining a reservoir in HMS.  In general, you need some sort of storage-capacity-discharge curve that is a plot of the volume of water in the reservoir and the outflow from the reservoir at different elevations.  There are tools in WMS to help you generate these curves.  To get to the tools, Select the reservoir outlet and then select Calculators | Detention Basins to define your storage capacity-discharge curves and then map the curves to the HMS model when you're done.

Hope this helps,


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