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I am using SFR package. In transient state, I have 18 stress period and assigned all hydraulic parameters to each stream according to stress periods. But when I Map the stream conceptual layer to MODFLOW and check the SFR window from MODFLOW|Optional Packages|Stream Flow Routing, I found the flow data as average of input inflow data in consecutive stress periods. Values from attribute table should match the values in SFR package window, which is not the case here. I would be grateful if you could help me in this regard.

Thank you.

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It sounds like the values haven't been entered as a step function. It's taking the values at the beginning of the stress period and the end of the stress period and averaging them. When you enter the values as step functions like shown in the attached image, then no averaging is done. The "Managing Transient Data" tutorial (http://aquaveo.com/software/gms-learning-tutorials) has more info.


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