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Reverse water flow at Downstream

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Dear all,

I am doing hurricane sandy analysis over Camden, New Jersey. I have two boundary conditions. My problem is during tuflow simulation water is flowing inside the grid at downstream.

That, must not happen in practical condition.

Any one can help me regarding this issues? I am also attaching screenshot of two time step. The upstream BC is at the lower south.





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Thank you for posting this. Could you provide more information on this so we can adequately answer your question? What type of boundary conditions are you currently using? What is it that you are wanting to see the model simulate?

Kind regards,


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I am using a 1d boundary condition. The type of BC is water level height (ft) VS time. Another question is, what value should I use for Initial Water Level in tuflow. Because, a river or water body should have a specific baseflow or water level. So, what value should I use. Or I can leave it as default value (0) in tuflow.

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