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Mesh Alteration During Simulation

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I am searching for a functionality in SMS to modify a mesh during runtime of my simulation. The modification should be read at a predefined time step. Another idea is that the simulation could also be stopped at a specific point and then carried on with the new mesh.

Is there a way to do this? Any hint is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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What numerical model are you using that supports this function?

The TUFLOW model allows for alterations of the elevation at a specific time in the simulation or based on a trigger.

The AdH model automatically refines elements when the gradient across the element is larger than a specified amount.

Other adaptation would need to be model specific. 


If you want to try your second approach, you have to specify the time to stop the initial run explicitly, then interpolate the solution to the refined/modiied grid, then restart the second run with a hotstart file.

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