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GSSHA didn't work with infiltration

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Hello, I am trying to run the GSSHA model, it is initialized and didn't go through, but with the infiltration option off it is working well, what is the problem and how to make it running with the infiltration option on.

Best regards

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The main things you need to get infiltration working is an index map that has integers with infiltration values for each cell of your grid and a mapping table that relates the index map integers to infiltration values.  There is a GSSHA help page here that gives you a table you can use to get starting infiltration values.  I recommend going through the GSSHA infiltration tutorial to see how infiltration is defined in a GSSHA model.  If you've defined an index map, assigned an index map to your mapping table, and have valid infiltration values in your mapping table for each index in the index map, your GSSHA model should run.  Of course, you need to have precipitation and the other basic GSSHA parameters defined.


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