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Cliping a hydrologic model

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Is there any way for clipping a hydrologic model such as HEC-HMS or GSSHA to focus on a certain sub-basin (s) instead of starting every thing from the beginning of that sub-basin (DEM trimming, running topaz, delineating the watershed, ....etc)? Best regards

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There is not an easy way to clip a hydrologic model that was generated using spatial data.  However, you can normally re-generate a hydrologic model for a smaller basin with minimal effort if you have defined data for a larger basin.  You do not need to re-run TOPAZ.  Just delete your feature objects in the map module Feature Object menu, create a new outlet point, and delineate a watershed based on the new outlet point.  Of course this will delete any feature objects that you have manually created to modify your watershed delineation.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


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