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Dear Forum

We are building a 2D-Model for a river on a large scale (~200km). To get reasonable calculation timesteps we are trying to optimize our mesh and to have the least possible amount of elements without losing the conveyance of the river. The river is derived from detailed cross-sections from terrestric surveys (and interpolated between the cross-sections).

Is there a system or a way in the mesh generation in SMS to automatically set the resolution of the mesh based on topographic structures which are present as a scatter or as a raster?

E.g. When there are structures in our River Cross-Sections like a kolk, we would like to have a finer mesh in this region. If there are no specific structures in the river, the resolution should be as coarse as possible.

Best regards




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I would recommend looking into the scalar paving density mesh generation method in SMS. This method uses the values specified at each point in a particular scatter set (referred to as a "size function") to determine mesh element sizes. The "Size Function" SMS 12.1 tutorial demonstrates how scalar paving density can be used in SMS.

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