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conceptualize trench in GMS


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Hi everyone, 

Can any of you help me with the following question please? I am a beginner of GMS modelling. I want to set up a transient modflow of trench pump testing, however I don't know how to conceptualize the trench. The trench is 100m long, 2m wide, 1m deep, with 7 observation bores locating around the trench. The water levels of trench and bores were logged for 5 hours with pumping rate 1000L/min, and I need to set up a modflow and calibrate the model. The Drain (DRN) package seems not suitable for conceptualizing the trench as the water level of trenching decreasing with time. So can I set up the trench as 5 wells with the pumping rate 200L/min each, or any other suggestions how to deal with the trench please? Thank you for any advice/suggestions in advance.

Best regards,


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