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Importing scatter data to WMS

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I have merged survey scatter data with Lidar scatter data in SMS and either need to convert it to a raster or try to merge it to WMS. I need to get the data from SMS to WMS so I can set up a model in HEC-RAS. Is this possible? Thanks.

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There's definitely a way to get your data from SMS into WMS. In my version of SMS, if you go to the Scatter module, there's an option in the File | Save As menu item to save your file as a TIN file (*.tin). The option is in the "Save as type" drop-down box. You can save your file out and read your file into WMS using the File | Open command. Then you can use your TIN with your HEC-RAS model in WMS.

I'm not sure when this option was added. If you do not have this option, there's an option to save your scatter data (using File | Save as) as a Tabular Data File (*.txt). This is basically a file with XYZ values of your elevation data on each line. You need to set the correct options when exporting this type of file (set your delimiter and the order of your XYZ data) and save your file. You can then read this XYZ file using the File | Open command in WMS. Set the options for reading your XYZ data correctly (If you just use the survey data option when reading the data this is easiest) and read your data. WMS creates a TIN from the data. After reading the file, you need to triangulate your TIN XYZ points since WMS does not do this automatically when reading XYZ files. Then you'll basically have the same thing as if you exported a TIN from SMS and read it into WMS.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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