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How to provide ice data only for the winter time in HEC-RAS?

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I have a problem regarding ice data. I provided ice data in HECRAS in every cross section but it analyzed for every months of a year. I just need it in winter time. Is there any idea to make HECRAS model with ice data only for winter time and model with no ice data in other time?

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You might want to try posting this question to the "Hydraulics and Floodplain Modeling" section under WMS. That would be a better place to post your question instead of the "Forum Feedback" section.

Having said that, I'm not sure you can just model ice cover during the winter time and model flows in the same HEC-RAS plan after the ice cover goes away. I browsed through the HEC-RAS manuals and they say that ice cover changes the effective channel geometry and that you need separate a geometry file for the ice cover case. They recommend using a separate plan file for the ice cover and the open water case. So you would model the ice cover case and the case without ice cover using the same HEC-RAS project but with different plan and geometry files.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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