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RMA2 1d Control Element Coding Assistance

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I am in the process of modeling and existing and proposed conditions of a wetland restoration using RMA2. One of the proposed conditions that I need to model is a simiulation of a tide/sluice gate restriction of the tide coming in and out of the site.

I have developed the 1d control element as seen on the attached, but can not find any real guidance in the coding of the control element. Has anyone else performed a similuation of a gate like this, allowing flow to go in both directions with the tide, that can provide some assistance in the attribute/mesh coding to make sure the RMA2 module runs correctly for what I am trying to do? Specifically to tell the model that there is an opening between elevations 2 and -7.5 that it can flow through at this control structure, and nothing higher is allowed into the site.




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