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I'm experimenting with MODFLOW-USG and local quadtree grid refinement (versus traditional refinement and MODFLOW-2000/2005). My USG simulation converges; however, when I attempt to import the results, GMS crashes. I've traced it back to having parameters specified using key values - when I directly specify the parameters, the results import correctly. Is there a workaround / fix in the works? PEST is a must for my project work. I'm fine with going back to MODFLOW-2000/2005, if necessary - but I was looking forward to using USG for two upcoming models.


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Running and importing the results for a MODFLOW-USG simulation with key/value parameters should work in GMS 10.0. All of our tests using key/value parameters are currently working, and doing some hand testing I'm not able to find any issues. If you could contact tech support (http://www.aquaveo.com/technical-support) we would like to track down and fix the issue your having.

GMS 10.0 doesn't support PEST with MODFLOW-USG. We plan on having support in GMS 10.1.

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