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SMS/CGWAVE Users...please take a minute

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I was wondering what everyones expericence was with running CGWAVE through the SMS parent program in terms of domain size vs computer capabilities. I will be running the model on a rather large domain (approx. 2500sq miles) and need to buy a new computer to handle it but I don't know what levels of computer components I need to purchase. So if anyone would care to help me out by providing the following information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Domain Size | Approx. Computation time | CPU Processor | RAM | ROM | Graphics Hardware |

Anything else that you feel may be relevent would also be a big help. Thanks again.

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The more RAM the better. Also, if you plan to continue working on your machine while a model is running, a multi-core CPU machine is helpful since the model can use one core and you can continue to work on another core.

For all display features to be enabled, OpenGL 1.5 must be supported. This is important if you want to see functional surfaces - you probably will with CGWave to make the neat animations such as the one found here. We recommend nVidia Quadro based graphics cards because of their superb OpenGL support.

Check out this page for the SMS System Requirements

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