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My network license is having issues. When I go into the registration wizard and apply my lock settings, I get the "lock license acquired" message. The next window show that all my WMS modules are enabled. When I then go into the next window (the main screen), I get a message that "This copy of WMS 9.1 (64-bit) has not been enabled...." It used to work but I don't understand what is going on.

This isn't a program that I use daily but when I need it, it would be nice to know it's reliable.



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Hi Drew,

I encourage you to contact Aquaveo's technical support team. They are experts in these types of registration issues and can help you out. Their contact information is on Aquaveo's web site here: http://aquaveo.com/technical-support

It is possible since you have not used WMS for a while that your license has expired, especially if you have a subscription license. Check your license expiration date and your maintenance expiration date in the Register WMS window to see if you are past either of these dates.


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