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New to WMS and CE-QUAL-W@

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Hi all,

As I mentioned I am new to CE-QUAL-W2 and WMS. I am currently a grad student starting a reserach project on my local estuary. I looked in to using CE-QUAL-W2 for modeling nutrient loading, but I am having an issue creating a bathymetry file. This is where I came across WMS.

  • Can I create a working bathymetry file within WMS that i can then import into CE-QUAL-W2?
  • Is WMS stand alone software, as in will not need any other software to create a bathymetry file, e.g. ArcGis?

Thank you all.

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Yes, you can create a bathymetry file using WMS. I'd recommend going through the CE-QUAL-W2 tutorial and reading all the instructions in this tutorial on the following page: http://aquaveo.com/software/wms-learning-tutorials

If you go through the tutorial up to the end of section 9, you will learn how to setup a bathymetry file. Follow the steps described in the tutorial and just save out your W2 bathymetry files when you're done setting them up.

WMS is stand-alone software. It has all the elevation editing tools you need to build a bathymetry file. You do not need any other software. You do need some XYZ points that represent the bathymetry of your estuary. A .txt file with XYZ points can be imported into WMS as survey data.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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