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HELP! Preprocessing needed to use LiDAR DEM in ArcScene and AHGW?

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sgfulton    0


I'm new to ArcGIS and AHGW, as well as LiDAR data. I have a student license for ArcGIS 10.1, and downloaded the demo version of AHGW 3.3.0. I recently downloaded and mosaicked several LiDAR scenes in ArcMap for a mountaintop mine site in eastern KY. I want to work with this DEM in ArcGIS AHGW to generate subsurface stratigraphy, pre- and post-mining volume calculations, etc.. I'm working my way through the AHGW tutorials. However, when I display the DEM in ArcScene it isn't in 3D. Does anyone know what I need to do to the image to use it in ArcScene, e.g., turn it into a TIN or something else? I'm working on a project for my graduate-level spatial analysis class which is due in 10 days (long story...data I was trying to procure for my site never materialized so I'm down to the wire). Any help would be greatly appreciated since everyone's gone home for the holidays!

I've attached a .jpg of the LiDAR data I mosaicked for my mine site.

I'm excited to be a part of this community and will likely have a ton of questions. I appreciate your assistance and patience as I teach myself how to use the software.




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Doug Gallup    0

You may have to go into the Layer Properties of your raster layer, and play with the Base Heights tab options.

Also, check View -> Scene Properties, General Tab, Vertical Exaggeration.

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