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Hudraulic data is not georeferenced - The File Can't be Saved error

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I am digitizing stream centerlines in WMS and when I try to save the file, I get the error message "Hydraulic data is not georeferened, the file can't be saved".

The problem is that I have done this same taks before on neghboring watersheds using the same data sources and everything worked file and schematics were generated and saved just fine.

Any help? Thank Chris in advance :)

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Make sure you have both a 1D Hydraulic Cross Section coverage and a 1D Hydraulic Centerline coverage in your model. If you don't have the cross section information, WMS cannot write out the cross sections when saving your hydraulic model data. This is what brings up this error message. You do not need cross sections in the 1D Cross Section coverage, WMS is just looking to see if it exists.

That being said, everything in your model is still saved and you will not have any future problems if this error message comes up.


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