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basin error

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I am pretty new to WMS and trying to create a basic hydrology map. At one point I saved, closed my drawing, re-opened, and receive an error that "basin(s) were not found, the data was not read in" I can't seem to figure out why the basins got deleted or more imporantly how to create them back. I've tried to "build polygon" using the bordering arcs but when I do that it deletes the neighboring basins, any ideas?



wms error.pdf

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I am not sure what's causing the problem by looking at your image. It could be that the basin polygons are not closed correctly. You could check around the basin boundaries that do not have polygons and make sure the arcs making up the boundary are closed. Could you contact our tech support team and send your project files to them? They should be able to help you. If they cannot help immediately, they can send the files to me so I can have a look at them.

Their contact information is on this page: http://aquaveo.com/technical-support



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