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ADCIRC fort.22 NWS=8

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Hi all,

I am trying to produce a simple fort.22 using the Dynamic Holland model (NWS=8). I am trying to run a simple idealized storm. In my testing, I used SMS to create the storm track and populate the fort.22 file with basic information like, time step, radius to max wind, max wind speed, central pressure, ROCI. I recall the fort.22 file generated by SMS had far less fields than the 35 described here. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a machine with SMS and deleted that example fort.22 file. I am trying to produce this simple file manually. Does anyone have an example of a simple fort.22 that SMS creates or can anyone provide me the required parameters other than the full 35?

Another way of asking this is, those with ADCIRC knowledge, which of the 35 fields can be left blank.


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The format for NWS=8 is described as a BEST track file, but it really isn't.

We have a tutorial demonstrating the use of NWS=8 in ADCIRC under development. I will check on the availability of the files.

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