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Chris Smemoe

Request: Modify HMS Parameters Dialog

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Rearrange the edit parameters windows (for example, the window that comes up when double clicking on a basin with HEC-HMS set as the model). There is a ton of unused space on the right side of the top area (Display options) of this screen that could be utilized to display the different groups of parameters side by side. For example, the Loss Rate Method group could be in the upper left, the Transform group could be to the right of that, and the Base Flow group to the far right. This would allow the user to see more things without having to scroll down as much. -from Todd Wood

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Rearrenge the Name of  all Basins when we Delete some unwanted Basin . Road Construction Models Have many Basins who would be difficult to EDIT one by one َ

Also Outputs Could be in SpreadSheet format as well as EXCEL Format .


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