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hello there,

of recent i've encountered a typical problem.

i've built a mesh for a domain and done a lot of manual editing on it.

unknowingly i've lost the land boundary node string, i've tried changing colors, but of no use.

ocean nodestring is visible in blue. so 'm sure land node string is gone.

is there any automated way to get it back (please don't suggest i've to manually do it).

Thanks in advance,

great day.

--karunakar kintada


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Hi karunakar,

I'm not sure why the land boundary nodestring would have suddenly disappeared. Could you verify that all the nodestring types are active in the nodestring options window that results from selecting the "Options..." button to the right of "Nodestrings" in the "Display | Display Options | 2D Mesh" window? Also, was there something that happened between the time that you saw the land nodestring and when it disappeared? Can you select a nodestring with the select nodestring tool where the land nodestring used to be?

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thanks todd for the reply.,

i've even checked the grid file, but there is no information about land boundary.

any how, i've remeshed the domain.

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