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PTM Issues within SMS 11.0.6

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We've recently updated to the most recent version of SMS with the PTM and WAM modules, but I'm having difficulty using the PTM. I've downloaded the tutorials and example datasets for the PTM module but can only get through the first several steps before running into problems. Within the introduction example:

In the Project Explorer, right click on “default coverage”. Choose Rename from

the right click menu and change the name to “Placement Option 1”. Right click

on the coverage and change the type to PTM.

There is no PTM module available to choose from. The PTM module button is also visible at the bottom bar in SMS but not cannot be clicked on and is grayed out. After registration PTM module is reported as enabled (see attached) but doesn't work properly. I also checked the .exe location under preferences and it is directed to the proper folder.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or could offer other suggestions? Thanks!


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