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Generic Mesh Module missing


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Since the trial version ran out and I switched to using a hardware lock, the generic mesh module has not been available in SMS 11. If I go to preferences>File Locations the 'Generic' is not pointing to an .exe like the other modules. (I assume this refers to the generic mesh module) I can't see the .exe in the program folder for SMS. I have re-installed the program and downloaded the latest version/patch this morning to no effect. Do you know where the .exe is I can point it to or how else to solve the problem?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Felix,

I'm a little confused by your question. SMS will not automatically specify an exe in the "Generic" row in the "Edit | Preferences | File Locations" tab. The generic model interface allows users to define, set up, and run models for which SMS does not have interfaces yet. The user should specify the executable for the model they want to run.

Perhaps the issue you are experiencing is that the "Generic Model" component is not enabled. See "Help | Register" for a list of the different components and which are enabled and disabled. Evaluation licenses, which typically last one month, enable all components of the software. It sounds like the question you have might be why the Generic Model component is disabled after switching to your hardware lock. If so, our sales staff can look up your license and help you with questions about adding the Generic Model to your existing license. They can be reached by email at sales@aquaveo.com or by phone at (801) 691-5528.



Aquaveo Technical Support

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