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Observation Arc Using Scatter Data In SMS v11

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Use of data contained in a scatter set with an observation arc in SMS v11.0.2 x64 results in an error message for each arc.

Attached is an image from SMS v11 with the resultant error message and from SMS v10.1.11 were the process works with the same scatter data.

The observation arcs work in SMS v11 with the scatter data converted to a mesh (scatter>mesh>observe).


Importing tabular nodal data from another model for comparison (WSEL, depth, Vx, Vy, Vmag, etc. text format). Arcs are to measure flowrate/flux. Import using File Import Wizard to a scatter set.

Just wanted to provide a heads up since this process works w/ scatter data in v10.1.



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Hi Wlkaufman,

We have been trying to replicate this issue on one of our computers so that it can be submitted to the SMS development team, but have been unable to do so. If you will provide us with your files and additional detailed instructions as to the steps you take to produce the error I believe we would have more success. I am including instructions for uploading your files to our FTP site below:

FTP uploading instructions

1. Create a new folder with a unique name on your computer and copy all of your project files into it. (please zip up the folder)

2. Open windows explorer (My Computer).

3. Enter "ftp://pubftp.aquaveo.com/incoming/" in the address bar.

4. (If the "Log On As" dialog box appears) check the box labeled "Log on anonymously" and click "Log On".

5. Copy the folder with your project files in it into the "incoming" folder.

6. Send an e-mail to support@aquaveo.com telling us the name of the folder you uploaded and exact steps taken to produce the problem.

*Please help us stay organized by putting all of your files in a single folder before you upload them. After you upload the files, you will not be able to edit them.

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