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stwave nesting in SMS 10

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I need some help on the process of setting up a nested grid for STWAVE in SMS v10.

I'm trying to build a nested STWAVE model run in SMS v10. i read on the wiki page http://www.xmswiki.com/index.php?title=SMS...t_Grid_(STWAVE) that I should be able to do nesting using the STWAVE --> Nest Grid option. however, no matter what i seem to do, the Nest Grid option remains grayed out.

I am able to manually create a coarse offshore grid, then create a fine nearshore grid. on the coarse grid, i set the cells just inside the nearshore grid's boundary cell attributes to "Nesting output". Then i can run STWAVE on the coarse grid, and get a file projectname__nest.h5. Then i open the nearshore grid in SMS and can import these nested spectra. Then i assign the boundary conditions along the offshore edge of the nested grid with the nested spectra. However, SMS assigns each cell's spectra as a time step instead of a single time step to be interpolated.

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.

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Verify that your STWAVE Plane Mode is set to Half Plane and that each grid contains SQUARE cells.

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