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So, I am working on setting up a watershed model to look at the effects of groundwater diversions on stream flows, but am having difficulty visualizing how the overall model is executed within the WMS platform. Within GSSHA, one can set up groundwater diversions (wells) to simulate extraction and that gives the impact on the groundwater elevations, but how then are those results used to look at impacts to stream flows. Am I looking at a stepwise process where I generate hot start files for a follow-on process?? Does anyone have experience with similar modeling projects???

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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GSSHA offers comprehensive interactions with wells and surface water interactions. However, because the well analysis in GSSHA is very simplistic, it is recommended that you start with a simple model and then add complexity in different runs. This will help you determine whether the model is producing realistic results, and to help you identify the source of error where applicable.

Please click here to refer to the tutorial on Advanced Groundwater Modeling in GSSHA. This tutorial demonstrates how to add advanced groundwater interactions such as stream interaction, wells, and specified head boundary conditions to an existing GSSHA model.

If you would like more information on how GSSHA works please refer to the gssha wiki.

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It is a step wise process, but you wouldn't necessarily use hot start files, though using hot start files is possible. What you need to do is build a basic GSSHA model of your area and get it running. Then, you should add a process like stream routing and get the streams running. Then, you should add your wells. Then, you should turn on the stream/groundwater interaction routines in GSSHA. The best thing for you to do, like Todd says, is to go through the GSSHA tutorials located at this web page: Especially go through all the groundwater tutorials, but some of these have prerequisites that you should go through. Experiment around with some of the GSSHA options and see how your model changes impact your GSSHA output.

A hot start file is used with GSSHA if you have a long-term simulation that you have run and want to re-run it with newly computed initial conditions. I think GSSHA creates a hot start file of groundwater heads that contains the heads at the final time step. You could read this as a dataset on your 2D grid and then use this dataset as your initial conditions (I can't remember whether you need to read the dataset or just specify a filename in the GSSHA interface). So if that's what you want to do, you could use a hot start file, but I think what you want is to get your model working using the procedures described in the tutorials first.

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