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mass flux calculator - exporting cross sectional data

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I'm trying to do two things:

1. calculate mass flux (or mass discharge) across a cross-sectional area using a transient dataset

2. export a subset of these data (i.e., access the transient data for a single column)

The mass flux/discharge calculations are relatively straight-forward (I think) - I've converted the MODFLOW cell by cell flows to individual face flows then multiplied the transient concentrations by these values, which gives me mass discharge in mass/time. However, this dataset is transient and three-dimensional (and relatively large), which limits my options as far as exporting the data. I've tried to convert to a 2D grid, but that will not work because it would need to be vertically-oriented, and GMS does not provide this option.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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After you have created your data set on the 3D grid convert the 3D grid to 3D scatter points. Your data sets should appear on the 3D scatter points. Now delete all of the scatter points that you don't want.

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