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vertikal georefferenced images (cross-sections)

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It would be very nice to have the option to be able to integrate existing cross-sections (e.g. with boreholes and hydro-stratigraphy) as vertikal georefferenced images into GMS and be able to compare it with GMS layer properties, stratigraphy, boreholes, results etc.

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GMS currently does not include that option. However you can use the Subsurface Analyst tools (part of Arc Hydro Groundwater) to do this in ArcGIS.

You have the capability to export features from GMS into the ArcGIS environment and you can then use the image registration tools available in Subsurface Analyst to georeference an existing cross section image and compare it with your GMS model.

On top of that, once your GMS model is in ArcGIS you can view the model in relation with other common GIS datasets.

See the Arc Hydro Groundwater tutorials for some examples on how to create cross sections and how to georeference cross section images: http://www.aquaveo.com/ahgw-learning


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What do others think of that feature request- I think this would be very helpful in complex 3D-models and I don't think doing this in a different software like ArcHydro helps, especially when you got all your data (boreholes, structural model, 3D-Grid, MT3D-solution...) in GMS! Why transfer all that data into a different program?

It should not be that difficult to integrate by the way, everything else is 3D-viewable and all you need is the Z-coordinates of the bitmap...

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It is still on our "TODO" list.

We don't have an exact science for ranking user requests but we do try to keep track of the number of users requesting a particular feature. So far we have not had other users requesting this feature so it has not moved to the top of the "TODO" list.

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