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CMS flow to PTM

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I am trying to put my outputs from a CMS model into a PTM. I am having trouble with the input files. I have a 2D grid from my CMS flow model, do I need

to convert this to a 2D mesh first? I have noticed there are options to select a CMS file in the grid input file so is it possible to just select one of these?

Also I was wondering what the requirements are for the boundary conditions? This hasnt been discussed in the tutorial and I cannot find a suitable file for this.

In the tutorial for CMS flow to PTM the native sediments input was used, does the same apply for using a CMS flow, I noticed the model type used in the tutorial

was ADSIRC and I couldnt really relate this information to the CMS inputs.

Any help would be great



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I've not tried running PTM with CMS inputs, but instead converted CMS-flow data to a mesh and ran the PTM using this, which worked fine. This may be worth trying...

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