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Found 2 results

  1. anakin

    postfix.phrq in PHT3D

    Hi, I'm trying to import a PHT3D model into GMS (MODFLOW has already run successfully). There's a file "postfix.phrq" I'm not sure how to convert it into GMS. In PHT3D manual, it says this file is "used to control PHT3D input and simulations"; "it has fixed names" and "through this option, the user has access to less routinely used PHREEQC-2 capabilities for which the input can currently not be provided by the standard PHT3D input files". Thanks a lot.
  2. Mike Wit

    adding alkalinity in PHT3D

    I'm fairly new with both GMS and PHT3D but I've been working with it the past couple of months and experienced several problems. I'm modelling managed aquifer recharge where O2 and nutrient (NO3, PO4, SO4) rich water is injected into an anoxic aquifer, resulting into pyrite and organic matter oxidation through the degradation of O2 and NO3. However, oxygen responds strangely under different settings. Most important, whenever I try to add 'alkalinity' the run fails. When I try to add alkalinity through C(4), it 'uses' up all the O2 so that it can form HCO3- and CO32-, which shouldn't occur. I was wondering if someone else experienced similar problems and knows how to correctly insert alkalinity (so that it doesn't react with O2). -Mike