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Found 1 result

  1. Straughan_Environ

    Usage of LandXML file in SMS

    Preface: Below is the XML coding produced by Autodesk Civil 3D (2014) Surface-> Export to LandXML Statement: The information provided on SMSWiki.com under SMS: LandXML Files nor SMS: Importing Non-native SMS Files adequately answers the following question. Question 1: Is the Code in Lines 1 through 15 acceptable to SMS or does it need to be modified in some manner? Statement: xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:LandXML_Files states "SMS only supports a subset of the LandXML definition specific to TINs". For me this implies a user should be able to use a subset of LandXML code to build a finite element mesh. Question 2: Which is the correct dialog for importing Land XML for creation of a Mesh? A. File Import Wizard dialog B. Open FIle dialog C: Raster Module: File Menu D. OTHER ___________________________ Supporting Data for Question 1 1 <LandXML xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.landxml.org/schema/LandXML-1.2 http://www.landxml.org/schema/LandXML-1.2/LandXML-1.2.xsd" date="2016-10-17" time="20:18:26" version="1.2" language="English" readOnly="false"> 2 <Units> 3 <Imperial areaUnit="squareFoot" linearUnit="foot" volumeUnit="cubicYard" temperatureUnit="fahrenheit" pressureUnit="inchHG" diameterUnit="inch" angularUnit="decimal degrees" directionUnit="decimal degrees"/> 4 </Units> 5 <Project name="Drawing1.dwg"/> 6 <Application name="AutoCAD Civil 3D" desc="Civil 3D" manufacturer="Autodesk, Inc." version="2014" manufacturerURL="www.autodesk.com/civil" timeStamp="2016-10-17T20:18:26"/> 7 <Surfaces> 8 <Surface name="Surface1" desc="Description"> 9 <SourceData> 10 <PointFiles> 11 <PointFile fileName="E:\Point of Rocks\GroundPnts.txt" fileType="binary" fileFormat="xyz"/> 12 </PointFiles> 13 </SourceData> 14 <Definition surfType="TIN" area2DSurf="1330991.3807042495" area3DSurf="1341545.7138338764" elevMax="327.5002" elevMin="223.1566"> 15 <Pnts> <P id="2">586199.63080000004 1160529.2918 232.331</P> <P id="3">586209.21459999995 1160532.2709999999 232.674</P> <P id="4">586215.34889999998 1160533.4086 232.661</P> <P id="5">586221.1361 1160535.4223 232.5182</P> <P id="6">586228.00619999995 1160537.1247 232.462</P> <P id="7">586236.18019999994 1160538.9667 232.7337</P> <P id="1098">588738.60719999997 1161420.3648000001 317.2374</P> </Pnts> <Faces> <F n="2 41 3">2 13 74</F> <F n="3 4 1">2 3 13</F> <F n="1 6 2">2 74 3</F> <F n="5 44 2">3 47 13</F> <F n="6 7 4">3 4 47</F> <F n="3 9 5">3 74 4</F> <F n="8 10 5">4 5 47</F> <F n="9 12 7">4 8 5</F> <F n="2154 2148 2136">1096 1097 1098</F> </Faces> </Definition> </Surface> </Surfaces> </LandXML>