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  1. After experimenting with the node distribution features using the Bias and cubic spline , I found out that they produce more problems with the mesh network causing the program to become unstable. How do you undo the distribution features? For example two equivalent domains with the same specific spacing and 1st degree of bias look very different. I am trying to do away with the uneven/gradual distribution, but to no avail. Any advise or help would be great! Thanks!
  2. Bias

    My question is regarding how the Bias option works in the Redistribute Vertices dialog box when specifying the Number of Segments along an Arc. My understanding of the bias option is that it positions the vertices so that the distance between the last two vertices is equal to the bias times the distance between the first two vertices, and any vertices in between are linearly interpolated. How is the spacing between the first two vertices determined/calculated?