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  1. Hi: I run the CGwave model by using spectrum input. I found that even though the status shows "Model finished", the model is still running. I can see the *.cgo file existing, but I don't know how I can see the results(I try to import the data(*.cgo), but I don't see the rsults). Thank you!! Kevin
  2. Hi: I set the incident wave condition as wave amplitude of 0.01m, but the wave height results(2 times wave amplitude) in the boundary is 0.1m. Why do I get this result? Is there anything wrong? Kevin
  3. Hi: I got it working. Thank you. I have another question. In the model, we can set up the incident wave condition, how does the model define the direction of the wave? For example, if my boundary is semi-circular, the direction of 0 degress is normal to the semi-circular? Thank you. Kevin
  4. Hi: I try to run the CGWAVE, but I got the error message: RK(100,200)= 3.170142257167918E-002 3.153239944226074E-002 Reading Error from Input Files, ERROR IOE= 1 I don't know what's wrong with my model setting up. Kevin
  5. I have another question. CGwave can give time-series sufface elevation, but when it can only run one wave cycle. Can you increase the time beyond one wave cycle? Thanks. Kevin
  6. Hi: I gor the error message below, what doesi this mean? And how can I fix the problem? "RK(100,200)= 0.000000000000000E+000 0.000000000000000E+000 Reading Error from Input Files, ERROR IOE= 1 " Thank you... Kevin
  7. Hi: I got it, and I have another question. Becasue now I want to see the time series data at some points, and I click "Data" and then "Find Cell", and choose the cell which I want. But, how to output the time series results for that cell? I also tried to set up the porbe manager, but I didn't see anything appeared in the left window. Thank you. Kevin
  8. Hi: I try to run the example in Bouss-2D (Hawaii case), but when I output the bathymetry (I use save as tabular data files(*.txt)), I found that the bathymetry is not correct as shown in SMS. I don't know how can I output the correct bathymetry. Thank you. Kevin
  9. Hi: I solved the problem, but another issue is coming. I still can't run the model, and the error message is "Zero cycles detected in zero-crossing analysis ". How do I solve this issue? My computational domain is a rectangular shape. The wave maker is from the north, and the other three sides are damping boundary condition with a value of 1. Anyway, I really appreciate your helps. Kevin
  10. Hi: I can define the BC now. But when I run the model, it said fatal errors: Wave generator boundary only contain land points. I check my grids, which are all oncean grids. How should I correct it? kevin
  11. Hi: I still cannot make the boundary. The followings are my procedures: (1) Open my bathymetry profiles. (2) Chosse the model to Bouss-2D. (3) Under Map module, chosse "create a 2-D grid frame", and in "Feature Objects ", choose Map to 2d grid. (4) Then in Cartesian grid module, if I use "create a cell string", i can only create a red dot, and if I use "Generate along the boundary", nothing shows up. Where am I wrong in my procedures? Thank you. Kevin
  12. Hi: How to create a cellstring in Bouss-2D? I click in one grid, and the grid becomes red, and then I can't drag or click the other grids. It says that "cell strings cannot contain inactive cell types". How should I do it? Thank you. Kevin
  13. Hi: I am trying to run the steering module of the CMS-flow and CMS-wave. I solely run the CMS-flow very well. But when I choose the steering module of CMS-flow and CMS-wave, and press "START", then it stops working under XP and VISTA. What may cause the stop? Thank you. Kevin
  14. Hi: I run the CMS-flow with morphology changes, and I have the file (CGrid_morph), but I can't open it with error message ( Erro importing 2D scatter set). How to solve this issue? And in the CMS-flow model, is it necessary to assign boundary? (Can I not assign the BC and still run the model?) and suppose that I have a rectangular domain, and the BC is set to the top of the domain, can I do that? or I need to have a closed boundary? Thank you. The forum helps me a lot. Kevin
  15. I updated the video driver in my laptop, but it still didn't work. But, I used my desktop with a didacated vedio card, and it works.
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