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  1. Dear Sir I have a conseqeuntly question from running the GMS. First, I finish running modflow already (namely, Step1_BU1.gpr). Then I would like change name of the file and delete 3D grid and 2 scatter data and change one of coverage. After I change the name of file and add one of coverage and 3D grid and 2 scaater data again. I found the message belows: "This file is not a GMS MF2K superfile. Assuming NAM file Using Name file: .mfn Run start date and time (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss) 1 of period 1" What is the problem and how should I do ? Please suggest me becuase I struggle this problem for 2 days. Thanks in advance Srilert
  2. Lert


    I use version 7.1. Please advise if I need to change name of file. How should I do ?
  3. Lert


    Dear Sir, when I can run the program already. Then I change into another name and run. I found that I cannot run it completely and it showed message belows: Executable started MODLOW-2000 This file is not a GMS MF2K superfile. Assuming NAM file Using Name file: Start_final.mfn Run start date and time Executable crashed! Executable crashed! MODFLOW 2000 finished. What should I do? Please advise Srilert
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestions Srilert
  5. Dear all, when I started running MODFLOW. Then I found this message belows what should I correct this bug ? Buffer overrun detected! Program:C:\Program Files\GMS 7.1\GMS71.exe A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program’s internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated. Please advise me Thanks in advance Srilert
  6. Dear all, I just a new member for usong GMS 7.1. I faced the problems when opening the examples of GMS . Let me explain after I start GMS 7.1, then 1. open the folder Program files>GMS 7.1 > Models 2. I found many example's folder, when I double click I found all of them are *.exe 3. I cannot open these file (*.exe) I think I should open the *.gpr Please explain me how I can open the example file I think it's not the same as version 5.0 Please advise me Thanks in advance Srilert
  7. Dear all, In my research I want to see the contamination transport of sulphate. How can I apply GMS for contaminate from layer to another layer. Please anyone suggest this problems. or I would appriate if you suggest the references for more information. Best regards, Srilert
  8. Lert

    confining layer

    Dear all, I just a beginer in GMS. I start with tutorial but I have one question: I wonder when I construct my research area; this area consists of 2 layer: unconfined and confined aquifer. I already constructed these 2 layer by importing top elevtion of topographic map, bottom of layer 1 and bottom of layer 2 but I have confused to construct the confining layer and how I can input the properties of such confining layer. when I saw the cross section I found only 2 layers. Please anyone clarify this my problem. Looking forward to hearing from you. Srilert
  9. Users wishing to use a free email service for their registration (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.) will need to contact us directly using one of the following methods:

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