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  1. Dear Alan, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, following your suggestion I am not able to view the date by loading the project (the date is not saved in time control tab, appearing the default value, and it appears "Date: unknown" in tidal/harmonics tab). When contacting Aquaveo technical support, I was informed that after saving and reopening the project, this date is not displayed. They mentioned that, if I want to confirm that I have the correct dates for the constituents, the only way is to re-extract the constituent information and doing trial and error on the date until getting exac
  2. I have a SMS project using ADCIRC and astronomic forcing alone. The ADCIRC model control indicates the length of the simulation (simulation starts: 0 days and simulation ends: 15 days), however I cannot find the information referred to the exact period of the year for which the values of the astronomical constituents were extracted (from the Le Provost database). The tidal/harmonics tab at ADCIRC model control presents the indication: "date unknown". Where can I find that information? I could not find it in fort.15 file. I believe that those dates should be written somewhere. Thank you. Amy
  3. Hi, I am using RMA2 in SMS 11.0.03 for simulating a flood in a river/ estuary. I am facing two problems: 1- In the calibration process, I would like to simulate during 12 days, including 1 spring tide and 1 neap tide. I go from 6m to 2.99m (first value of the tide, starting with neap tide) using the steering and then I use that hotstart for the unsteady simulation (with wet/dry option). The problem is that the simulation allways stop after simulating the first 6 days, i.e., when starting the spring tide. I verifyed that I have abrupt high velocity values in a sand bank (1 or 2 nodes) and beca
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