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  1. I am a year late to this discussion, but I have a couple thoughts. -Depending on how many vertices there are when you convert from GeoSection to Points, you could still have some weird surfaces. -Another approach is to have all of your sections intersect at locations where you have borhole logs. This will ensure that the intersecting sections match. Really there is no reason that you have to create your sections on the grid pattern that you have used. Just create a bunch of connect-the-dots sections and perform your interpretation on those. -Because you have already put in the work you have, you could consider creating new "dummy" borings at the intersections of your sections. Seems like you should be able to devise a work flow that will allow you to look at the sections you have (both in ArcMAP and Scene) and create BoreholeLog data that achieves the interpretation you want. Then add these boreings to your existing sections and modify the panels accordingly. - this last part may be tricky, but you could create a copy of all the Sectionlines, and assign new HyrdoID that are easy to correlate to the original Sections (ie for section 1, use section 101). Then run the XS2D wizard, and to the resulting dataframe, add the original XS2D_Panel (ie. for the new section 101, add XS2D_Panel_1). Modify the panel polygons to match the "dummy" borehole logs. Finish all Panel edits then run the XS2D_Panel to GeoSection tool and DONE!
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