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  1. piwito

    WMS 10.1

    Got it... Thank you.
  2. piwito

    WMS 10.1

    Hello, I am using WMS 10.1 .15 and would like to know what happened to the cad menu? In the prior version 10.0.10 cad menu is there under Map tools. Thank you.
  3. piwito

    Storm Drain

    Hi, Trying to run storm drain simulation. For some reason I cannot find the xpswmm.exe file. Running WMS 8.1 (Dec 5, 2008). I did a file search in my PC and was not able to find the .exe file. Thank you, DC
  4. piwito

    HEC RAS in WMS

    Upgraded to 8.1 and 4.0... it works... thank you
  5. piwito

    HEC RAS in WMS

    Will try that... Thank you for the quick reply.. dc
  6. piwito

    HEC RAS in WMS

    Hello, I am trying to do a flood plain delineation. I am running WMS 8.0 in conjuction with HEC-RAS (v 3.01). When I click in WMS to read HEC-RAS solution, I loose functionality of WMS. As soon as, I close HEC-RAS WMS becomes functional but no solution is read. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, DC
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