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  1. Hi Rob, How can i use the conductance to turn on/off the constant heads? Can you please elaborate? I tried Sean's approach and it works. But i need multiple models for that. Maybe with general head approach one model might suffice.
  2. Yes. This is a modflow model and Sean Czarniecki's description of the issue is correct. Sean, Setting up a different run and pulling in the results of first run will not help since modflow solution does not depend on the initial head solution. This is a transient model, so i want to see influence of change in various constant stresses over time. Not sure if this is a GMS issue or a modflow issue.
  3. I have defined the stress periods as follows SP1- 0-7 days SP2-7-14 days SP3-14-21 days SP4-21-28 days. I have xy series for some arcs 7-14 days and 14-28 or 21-28 days for some with some constant values. But GMS is assigning the constant head to the entire duration 0-28 days. How do i overcome it?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to run a transient flow model for 28 days. I have constant head arcs (stresses) that turn on and off during various times during 28 days (for example 7 to 14 days or 14 to 21 days). When i run the flow model GMS is assigning the constant head to the grid cells at the location of arcs for the entire duration (28 days) when the constant head has been assigned for only few days. Not sure why GMS is extending the constant head stress to the entire duration. If i go into grid source/sinks and look at various stress periods, GMS autimatically uses data from previous stress periods. I have stress periods setup correctly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I tried to make animation of a contaminant transport model in GMS 7.0. I found that GMS 7.0 is unable to animate the result. I think there is bug with the animaiton of GMS 7.0
  6. Hi, I'm wondering whether is there anyway to simulate air sparge in a contaminant transport model in GMS. There are lot of modeling experts on this website. Please chip in some ideas for simulating air sparge in RT3D module. Thanks in advance Ravi
  7. Hi, I'm trying to run an RT3D model in GMS. I have the model setup with initial concentrations. I made couple of coverages for sink and gave a specified concentration of 0 ppb. When i map the coverages to RT3D, the cells are not getting assigned as a sink. Even after mapping i don't see any cells in the source/sink mixing package. Is there any way mapping a sink coverage, other than manually adding the cells to the source/sink mixing package? Thanks, Ravi
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