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    generate report

    I am trying figure out how to generate a report at a stream outlet where several basins are being routed and merging in a TR-55 analysis. I have generated a hydrograph, but am not seeing a way to generate a report for all the upstream data including upstream basins, basin and stream parameters, etc. I am still using version 7.1. Any suggestions? Thanks. Steve
  2. SteveJL486

    Basins not delineated

    I am submitting the upgrade request paperwork this week. In the meantime I will try the update of 7.1 and continue my current strategy. Thanks for your help and advice. Steve
  3. SteveJL486

    Basins not delineated

    November 1, 2005
  4. SteveJL486

    Basins not delineated

    I found something interesting. It appears that the basins that are not being delineated have multiple outlet points stacked on top of each other (by the hundreds). When I delete them all, re-create a single outlet, and run the delineate basin wizard the basin is delineated as expected. It seems that when I run, some points are being duplicated at the begining of the process and the basin for those outlets disappears. Any thoughts on how I can keep this from happening, or a way to screen for multiple outlets in one cell location? Thanks. Steve
  5. SteveJL486

    Basins not delineated

    While delineating many basins from a DEM, after computing TOPAZ and placing stream outlets on the flow accumulation cells, i run the delineation wizard and streamlines and most basins are generated. There are several smaller areas where I placed an outlet that a basin was generated in the DEM a streamline feature was created from the flow accumulation, but no basin polygon was generated from the DEM basin. On several occasions, I was able to select the outlet and convert basin to polygon for that basin, but not on all basins. Any suggestions? I am using version 7.1. Steve