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  1. Error in generating Velocity Vectors

    Thank you Bill for the reply. Is there any workaround to this for now? Like, will splitting that one row/column into two of half of the original widths work? Or, are any of the older version free from this bug? Regards Saubhagya
  2. Error in generating Velocity Vectors

    Hello respected members, The problem mentioned by me in the question above is still unresolved. I tried running MODFLOW model on both 2000 and 2005 version. The problem can also be seen in the example files provided in the Goswami/Clement Experiment** (http://www.aquaveo.com/software/gms-learning-tutorials). I tried changing few things but nothing helped. ANy help in this regard would be really appreciated. Thanks and Regards Saubhagya
  3. Error in generating Velocity Vectors

    Dear members, I am trying to generate velocity vectors in a density dependent model. The GMS is displaying error, pic of which is attached below. I have been generating velocity vectors and never faced any such problem. I am not able to work out solution to this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  4. Viewing Streamlines

    Thanks a lot
  5. Viewing Streamlines

    Hi, It might be very basic question but I am struggling with it. Is there a feature in GMS to display streamlines after MODFLOW simulation? Thank You Saubhagya
  6. Any information would be very helpful. Thank You
  7. Toe position of isochlors in SEAWAT

    or I think, even exporting a particular contour line should also work for me. Is it possible?
  8. Toe position of isochlors in SEAWAT

    Good Morning, I tried doing this but couldn't find the right file to do this? Basically the task for me would be to find the location of cell with a specific concentration in the lower most layer of the aquifer, at each timestep. So the file having data of concentration in each cells at each timestep should work for me. Thank You Saubhagya
  9. Toe position of isochlors in SEAWAT

    Yes, that should work. Thank you very much Alan for the suggestion. Regards Saubhagya
  10. Toe position of isochlors in SEAWAT

    Hi Alan, Toe position would be the x-coordinate of point where a particular concentration contour (iso-chlor) would meet the base of the aquifer. Thanks
  11. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to export toe position for each time step, for a particular isochlor while modelling seawater intrusion using SEAWAT? Thanks Saubhagya
  12. Making SEAWAT model time efficient

    Hi, I am trying to simulate a SWI in coastal aquifer (transient). The aquifer is 1500 m long and 40 meter deep, and is discretized as 1500 cells by 80 cells. I am running the model for 50,000 days and apparently the model would take 9 hours. I have attached my time-discretion details. Am I doing something in an inefficient way? Would putting some different values to multiplies would help? Any help to reduce run time would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Minimizing the size of result files (memory efficient model)

    Thank you very much. That was really helpful.
  14. Minimizing the size of result files (memory efficient model)

    P.S.: Can "multipliers" be useful to reduce file sizes?
  15. Hi, I am trying to run a simulation for a very long duration (more that 80,000 days). Last few MT3D simulation crashed probably because the folder containing MT3D files exceeded 10 GB in size. This brought few queries in my mind. 1) Are such a huge MT3D file sizes normal? 2) What settings/criterion in GMS controls the file size? Is it time step size or cell sizes? Does Max number of inner and outer iterations affect the sizes of files? 3) To start with, what is the best way to estimate the optimal grid spacing and time step size? If model is huge and takes time to set up, trying different grid spacing can be tedious. These questions are bothering me since a long time. Answers would really be appreciated. Thanks and Regards Saubhagya