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    After the femwater model is finished, the results cannot be displayed on the interface of GMS. The error is that "Runtime error: This application has requested the runtime to termiante it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information." Thanks for your answer!
  2. yangyun

    femwater help!

    In case with transformation from tin to 3D-mesh, how to deal with the error "The selected area cannot be meshed, a pinch out zone has been detected" Thanks! YANG Yun
  3. yangyun


    I look for any documentation or example to perform parameter estimation with UCODE/PEST interfacing with FEMWATER. Thanks! YANG Yun
  4. Thanks to your reply. My question is how to print the total head out in the form of Text document
  5. In Femwater Modular the output head file is pressure head. but actual field observation data is total head. What is the conversion relation between pressure head and total head, and how to change the setting for GMS to export the total head for every nodes. Thank you very much
  6. The way that you construct the 3D mesh results in the different ids for the same node, so the same nodes have two different pressure heads. This method can be used when the line is imperviable fault, the discontinuous phenomena is reasonable.
  7. Hi, I am a student in Nanjing University,China. As is known that the Solids -> Layered Mesh command in the Solids menu can be used to quickly build a 3D finite element mesh that matches the stratigraphy defined by a set of solids. But when i creat the solids model, the the Solids -> Layered Mesh command is unavailable. Thirsting for the answer. Thank you very much
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