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  1. Hello I have been using GMS 6.5 for 2 years. At the beginning i was modelling on a old version of windows (windows XP). Since i have changed my computer and that i'm working on the new windows (windows 7), i re-installed GMS and I have a lot of bugs (for example the CHD package cannot be opened or it needs a lot of time, the typeface does'nt work corectly, etc...). Do you think, it can be a problem of drivers incompatibility because of the new windows? What do i have to do? Thanks for your help Raoul
  2. rdhotelans

    Problem using Modflow in transient

    thank you for your help. I have checked what you suggested to me and everything was already ok. After my transient simulation, all the time steps are displayed, but there isn't any difference between the first time step (1 hour) and the final time step (1month): i tried to reduce my time steps, but it doesn't change anything. I don't know how to observe the progession of the goundwater level drawdown : i thought that modflow in transient was able to show this evolution?
  3. rdhotelans

    Problem using Modflow in transient

    Hi! I'm using Modflow in transient for a simulation: i have modeled drains to make the groundwater level decrease. My model is quite easy: my initial piezometric state is a 1% gradient , with two constant limits (specified heads) and two "no flow limits", and with two drains. I'm doing several tests to determine the number of drains that are necessary to make the water decrease under a specific value. After the modflow simulation, i can observe the flow in each drain (thanks to the "flow budget" function), but although i'm using modflow in transient and with very small time steps, i cannot observe the evolution of the flow in each drain: indeed the flow should be important at the begginning of the simulation (because the piezometric charge is more important) and decrease to a constant value. The flow that i observe is constant (like in the steady state). I cannot either observe the evolution of the groudwater level over time, wheareas i'm in transient state: there is no difference with steady state. I only observe the "final state". Do you understand my problem and do you see how i could observe the evolution of the flow in each drain over time (in transient state) and also the decrease of the ground water level? thank you for your help and sorry for some english mistakes
  4. rdhotelans

    incompatibility between versions 4.0 and 6.5

    ok, thank you for your answer, don't you think that an incompatibility is possible between version 4.0 and 6.5?
  5. Hi I'm a new GMS user. I'm working on a model developped on GMS 4.0; I'm now using the GMS version 6.5, and i d'like to be sure that the errors that modflow is showing are not due to a problem of incompatibility between the versions 6.5 and 4.0 ? After the running of MODFLOW, the following message error appear: "error reading eo** " (non sens characters), and after clicking OK, a new message error appears : " premature end of file "name of my file".CCF " . Thank you for your help Raoul