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  1. I am attempting to run STWAVE with a nested grid (version 9.2), however, when I run the nearshore grid I receive the error: *** Model Started forrtl: severe (268): end of record during read, unit 41, file P:\LWL_nest__nested grid\LWL_nest__nested grid.sim I reviewed the nested cell output file from the coarser grid, and that appears fine. Any ideas on what the error is when trying to run the nearshore scenario?
  2. I am running M2D-WABED steering module (on SMS 9.2) and am continuing to run into the following error: run-time error M6203: MATH - exp: OVERFLOW error The SteeringStatus.txt tells me that my 1st two runs of WABED were successful, but stops at the 1st M2D run. Is this a time step/model control error or an error in the grid setup?
  3. Upon re-opening a WABED project, my cartesian grid keeps moving to another location & converting to feet...any reason why?? My original scatter set was in English units (from bathy.xyz), this was converted to metric. Mesh, map & 2D Grid were created in metric units. Ran WABED, loaded results - everything is good and in metric units. But once you close the project and open it again, the grid is moved to the original location of the scatter set and converted to english units. Only the grid is moved: scatter & mesh data in desired (metric) location. This has happened 4 times now and obviously cumbersome since I need to recreate my grid everytime....any help for why this would be happening?
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